Monday, June 10, 2024

10 June: Monday spollupjern.

Woke up today and immediately had to poo. Felt like a little squiglet coming out but turned out to be a little more substantial. Not a bad looking poo, as far as poos go. Good poo pic.


Sunday, June 9, 2024

9 June: Sunday horfalgrannice.

Started the week off with a good poo. Two day load. Kind of gloinky looking. Not bad. It's good to be pooing at home. Nothing like sitting down on the familiar home toilet and dropping a gloink. 

And it looks like I'll be discontinuing the Wegovy. The mail order pharmacy I've been getting it from says they can no longer provide it, and none of the brick and mortar pharmacies around me has it. So, we'll see what happens--to my poo and my appetite. 


Saturday, June 8, 2024

Saturday poo meme.

7 June: Friday flutnutnry.

Didn't poo in the mid-level bathroom because it was in disposed. This was in the upstairs guest bathroom, so, a little different look. Lighting is a little different, but a cool looking poo. Sort of glorpy. There you go 


6 June: Thursday chobbleglutney.

First poo back home. Home poo. Kind of...gloopy, ooey and gooey. Not exciting, but not a bad p pic. Good to be home and crapping in my familiar home toilet. 


5 June: Wednesday splordchumly.

Last day on holiday, last day in foreign toilet. Cool little loaflets. Light could be better, but hey, it's still holiday poo. Been drinking more beer than I normally do. Been pooing more than I normally do
More poo is good poo.


4 June: Tuesday flinkenjunty.

Still on holiday in the AirB&B. So, pooing in a different toilet. You can tell because the light is different. You had see a couple of corn niblets from the corn on the cob I had Sunday. And corn poo is always fun.