Friday, April 28, 2017

For my blog followers, please help me out.

So, I've been going over my stats. The most popular entry in this blog is the Sep 11, 2014, "Thursday Italy Poo Splat" entry. And that entry has 8 comments. (Maybe the high number of comments because of the high traffic?) My blog doesn't get a lot of comments. But that page has 8!

I'd like to know why that page gets so many page views! I admit I didn't know a lot about blogs, or what drives traffic to a particular site. But I'd like to hear from my readers about how they ended up on that page. (Excluding those who go there because of this post.)

Not far behind is the, Nov 11, 2012 "11 Nov: Sunday, Serious Post Cheat Day Poo." (But that entry only has one comment.) Those two entries have amassed over 14k page views. If anybody has any idea why those two entries garner so many page views, I'd love to hear it. You can comment or send me an email.


27 Apr: Thursday thrumple.

Mid afternoon work poo. This is much cleaner poo than the previous couple of days. A better poo. And a good poo pic.


26 Apr: Wednesday sklobbin.

Early morning work poo. Not a spectacular poo, but a pretty good pic.


25 Apr: Tuesday tuenstall.

Back to work, after my day off. Mid morning poo. Kind of prickly.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

24 Apr: Monday Double blubble. off today. Had a nice mid morning crap. Nicely formed poo, and a good pic. Then pooed again at 2 pm after eating a half pound "Bourbon Burger" at Fuddruckers. Good burger....poo was just sort of...meh. But fairly solid for a second poo.


23 Apr: Sunday flungum: 3 views.

Standard Sunday afternoon poo. Drank beer, ate crab legs the day before. The poo wasn't impressive, so I decided to give you 3 different views of it.


22 Apr: Saturday squibble.

Nice Saturday poo. Drank beer, ate pizza the night before. Good pic. Got up close and personal. You can really see the texture of this poo.