Sunday, January 20, 2019

15 Jan: Tuesday glubberflumphk.

Today is surgery day. Getting surgery on my rotator cuff. So, nothing to eat on the morning. Surgery at 9 am. Back home by noon. And still managed to drop this little flugle a couple of hours later. Not bad for still being under the influence of general anesthesia and a nerve block. And managed to wipe my ass with my non-dominant hand. Not too shabby.

13 Jan: Sunday groible.

So... And so... My phone has been giving me problems. I've had a hard time posting pictures to this blog from my phone. Not sure what the problem is. 

This is a pretty standard Sunday morning poo pic. Not a bad effort.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

12 Jan: Saturday jasploober.

I didn't crap yesterday, Friday. Sometimes that happens. (I crap five times one day and not at all another. Who knows.) So I woke up expecting to drop a deuce pretty quickly. And sure enough, about 30 seconds after my first cup of coffee, I had to shit. And out came this big blooper. The turd sank, so the pic isn't as good as it could be. You can't really tell the size of the poo from this pic. Still a solid poo pic.


Thursday, January 10, 2019

10 Jan: Thursday chomperdroob.

I wasn't expecting a poo early today, considering I dropped one late last night. But poo I did, at 7:30 am. Just like clockwork: get to work, have a second cup of coffee, and I feel the regular old rumbling. Dropped a big blobber. I decided on a close up, instead of wide angle, so you could see the nooks and crannies.


9 Jan: Wednesday whalpslunkin.

So, I thought this would be a poo-free day. Not a poo peep all day. Then, as I was getting ready for bed, jus about to brush my teeth, I got the old familiar rumbling. And this is the poo I dropped. Not a bad looking poo for a surprise. Here's a hint: wash your hands before brushing your teeth, if you've just taken a dump. But that's me.


8 Jan: Tuesday gliddleblob.

Work poo. I got on the treadmill to start my cardio workout at lunch, when what do you know, I feel that familiar "I have to shit feeling."  So I went back to the locker room, and blooped this out. Better at the beginning of the workout than in the middle I guess. The lighting is ok, but the poo broke up and became un-spectacular. Hmph. Beefy workout chunklets.


7 Jan: Monday chlumper.

This is a mid-morning work poo, and an example of how the fluorescent lighting at work can completely screw up a poo pic. Irritating. I'm posting the wide angle view and a close up. Neither view looks good. Too bad, because this looks like a pretty solid poo log. As my father would say, "Piss."