Tuesday, August 15, 2017

15 Aug: Tuesday jagrumpole.

I think I pooed yesterday, my day off, but I didn't end up with a poo pic. And I don't remember why. So, no Monday poo pic.

Today, however, I had a good poo, about 30 minutes after getting to work. And it's a good pic. You can see the red peppers I had in yesterday's lunch! Always good when you can identify what you ate the day before in your poo.


13 Aug: Sunday glucco.

Sunday morning poo. Drank beer Saturday. Can't really say it affects my poo in any particular way. This poo is, shall we say, unspectacular. Kind of soft. Kind fluffy. I got an email asking me about the "mucus" in my poo. Anybody else notice my poos had a lot of mucus in them?


12 Aug: Saturday grungle.

So...I had a nice poo, right before I sat down to my Saturday guilty pleasure: McDonald's breakfast. I eat that breakfast while watching, every Saturday, an episode of my favorite TV program. It's a Saturday ritual. And I usually start that ritual by having a nice poo.


11 Aug: Friday glumpits.

Early morning poo chorklets. A tiny bit more solid than my regular poos.


10 Aug: Thursday glumpdy.

Regular work poo. Pic was good, as they usually are (I guess it's the florescent lighting?), but the poo was nothing to write home about.


9 Aug: Wednesday double flubble.

Pooed about an hour after I got to work. Then pooed again about two hours later. A surprise double poo day! First poo pic is pretty good. Second poo was unspectacular. As second poos usually are.


Monday, August 14, 2017